My name is Thalia Longchamp and I am a certified Shamanic Reiki Master & certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner based in NYC.

By blood & ancestral inheritance I am a Haitian-Táino Spirit Medicine Worker 

My self, medicine and mission, are Decolonized.

Through using my inherited medicines, the Shamanic practices, spiritual counseling & CBT frameworks I apply are able to help guide you along your path- mind body & spirit- so that you may walk authentically and joyously.

CBT is a therapeutic treatment where the goal is to shift and/or balance thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and overall cognitive processes after experiencing a trigger. When CBT frameworks are applied, there is conscious alignment between what triggers you, and how you behave as a result of your thoughts and feelings about the trigger.

This conscious alignment will also be achieved with Socratic Questioning.

​​SHAMANISM consists of beautiful and intense healing arts.

Shamans are natural-born travelers of the Spirit Realm, and facilitators of growth, change, Journeying, and healing for another.  

The word ‘Shaman’ originates from the Tungus people in Siberia.

I honor the differences in culture and in practices of the work I do as a whole.


A title granted to me by my ancestors to encapsulate my service. I work as a conduit on behalf of Spirit, for you, while your natural healing process gets activated. The best way to go about your healing process will be interpreted, as sessions will be a co-creative experience between us, and what I channel throughout the entire session from your Higher Self/Spirit/your consciousness.

Some Shamanic & Spirit Medicine♀ techniques I use are: 

Cord Cutting, Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, Shadow Work, Light Work, Intrusion Removal, Journeying, Soul Loss Prevention, Hands-on/Hands-Hovering Christ Consciousness Healing, and Spiritual Counseling. 

These techniques are just some examples of the work that will be done when we deep dive into the Spirit World and Subconscious/Shadow to retrieve the information and awareness necessary for you to become actualized, aligned, and with a more expansive consciousness.

​​​REIKI is a Japanese (distant or hands-on) technique used to help restore Life Force Energy into your Chakra System and subtle energetic bodies. This process allows for your optimal function- seeing your visions, plans, and desires manifest into reality.

​​The restoration of energy from Reiki brings vitality, light, relaxation, and peace to the body, helping its natural healing process. Reiki helps remove negative energetic blocks and supports the work done during the Shamanic & Spirit Medicine ♀
portion of the session.

​​My teachings and offerings come from incredibly intensive experiences, spiritual initiations, & study of spiritual science. 

Sessions are designed to help you find purpose, truth, freedom, and clear recognition of your Oneness with Source.

I've been offering Spiritual Counseling early on and throughout my life, but was called to offer it more intentionally in the mid-2010s. I officially began my private practice in 2019 in NYC, where I practiced out of Alma on Madison Avenue. 

To help grow my practice I wrote articles for My Wellbeing as one of their Integrative Practitioners, and still do to this day.






Thanks for visiting my site and getting to know more about my practice!

I would love to share who I am, where I’ve been, and why I’m doing this work. 

From a young age, I always felt like there were parts of me that were dormant beneath the surface that I didn’t quite have access to. I was a warm, loving, outgoing, creative and outspoken girl. 

But, I could also be cold, distant, shy, reclusive, and afraid to be my true self to others because I was so sensitive, and felt my heart was too fragile.

There were so many contradictions happening within my being and personality, that I had trouble pinpointing who I was. I felt that what was laying beneath was someone who was yearning to be free- someone who was complete.

I had suffered emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. My suffering was accumulated from different traumas throughout my life centering around rejection, abandonment, loss of faith, and abuse. 

Being a Psychic, Intuitive, and Empath, I was hyper-sensitive to all that happened to me, and to all that I felt as a result. It was torment, agonizing, and heavy to carry while trying to put on a good face for the rest of the world. 

However, the same insight that I had about parts of me that were dormant, started to emerge through all of the pain. And I started to fight back. Against any oppression, and anything that was causing my suffering- including myself.

The more I fought back, the more I awakened to my Spirit, the more everything heightened, the more my trauma was brought to the surface, recognized, healed, and released, and the stronger, fearless, and resilient aspects of my being started integrating with the parts of me that were unsure, afraid, and lonely. 

Through endless tears, countless prayers I thought went unheard, & the absolute glorious and magical terror that comes with Spiritual Awakening and Self Actualization,

I was led to be exactly where I am now.

There is not a single aspect within what I cover in my practice (Anxiety, Depression, Trauma) that I have not been through personally.

There is not a single facet of the Spirit Realm that I have not experienced, battled, and understood, to know how to guide others out of darkness and into the light.


​​I would be honored to embark on a healing journey with you, so that you may live a life filled with reclamation and peace.

​​Through CBT and embodying my inherited Ancestral Medicine, it is my life’s work to Serve on behalf of the Divine- by helping to make YOU

the healer, guardian, and lover of your Journey.

​​​​“May you have the commitment

To heal what has hurt you

To allow it to come close to you

And, in the end, become one with you”

                       A Gaelic blessing